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Athletic Training

Prolonged problem of the elbow.



Hello there, I`m a 17 year old male with a troublesome problem of the elbow. Basically, my elbow started acting up about a year and half ago when I was lifting weights. I noticed during bench pressing my elbow was acting strange when I would strain reps my elbow would feel like my tendons were stretching/pulling/slipping/popping. The problem wasn`t very common at the time so I continued to work out and then after it started to become more of a nuisance, I started noticing it just lifting heavy objects around the house until it started becoming quite common. Then I decided to take a break off the weights and I haven`t lifted weights for approx. 6 months now and I`m still having problems, at work etc. At times pain radiates down my forearm. As to where the I feel the pop/slipping I feel it between the two bone points. Any idea what this could be? How to treat it? Thanks!


It is very hard to tell for sure what is going on. I would suggest seeing a physician to determine exactly what it is. My three guesses would be: tricep tendonitis, medial epicondilitis, or you may be getting some ulnar nerve irritation. Only by examination would someone be able to determine the true cause of your pain. Good luck!

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Jeffery  A Bright, MS, ATC/L Jeffery A Bright, MS, ATC/L
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University