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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Joint damage



I have rheumatiod arthritis for 3.5 years and I have joint damage in my hands despite taking NSAID, Enbrel, MTX and Prednisone. My feet are turning out. I am also getting tenditis on the inside of both ankles. Is there any way of telling with out an x-ray if it is my hip, knee or the ankle that is causing my feet to turn out? I am thinking it is my hips.


I am not sure what is meant by "feet are turning out." If this means that you are starting to walk on the inside part of your foot rather than the bottom of your feet, then the likely cause is weakness of the ligaments and tendons of the ankles due to rheumatoid arthritis which may result in the tendinitis described. If "feet are turning out" means your toes are angling outward, then this is probably due to the rheumatoid arthritis itself.  In the first scenario, MRI  is the best imaging modality. In the second scenario, x-ray is the best imaging modality.

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