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Root Canals

Painless anesthetic?



I recently had root canal treatment rendered at The Ohio State University Graduate Endodontic clinic. It was on a molar tooth that had a crown on it. The experience was first class! The doctor (I think he was southern) used a machine that gave me the anesthesia without a bit of pain. I couldn`t believe it! He told me this machine has studies to show it does in fact give more painless injections. Is this the wave of the future? Is this device only found in teaching institutions? I will decidedly be going back to this doctor for my next root canals!

Thank you.


The piece of equipment you are referring to is called "The Wand" and it is a computer-assisted anesthetic delivery system. What it does is deliver anesthetic at a very controlled and steady pace. It is on the market, and a small percentage of dentists are using it.

The information the resident gave you was correct. Clinical research has shown that this unit will decrease the pain of injection for certain local anesthetic techniques. I am glad you had a wonderful experience in our clinic and will pass on your words of praise to the resident.

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John M Nusstein, DDS John M Nusstein, DDS
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