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Exercise and Fitness

Heart rate target zone



I am a 47-year-old moderately active male (exercise 3 - 4 times out of 7 days). My moderate and very active target zone heart rates are 130 - 146 and 141-157. When running on the treadmill my heart rate stays at approx 155 during the 25-minute run. I normally burn between 350 and 375 calories with this workout. My question is whether there is any concern keeping my heart rate that close to the max during my workout? Thanks


As long as your physician has cleared you for your exercise program and that you are not on any medications altering your heart rate, I would not have any concerns with your heart rate being that high during your workouts.  It would only become a problem if you started experiencing any unwanted side effects (e.g. chest pain, dizziness, nausea, etc.).  In those cases, I would decrease your exercise/workout intensity and follow-up with your physician.  Hope this helps.

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