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Sinusitis and double vision



My husband as been experiencing double vision and headaches behind the right eye for about 12 days. After seeing an eye doctor and having a CT of the head and neck it was determined he has a sinus infection. He has pain behind the right eye and his eyes are crossed. The prism does not work. He shows no other signs of an infection. Have you heard of this before and how long will his vision be impaired?


Sinusitis will occasionally cause vision problems. However, it is unusual for there to be vision loss and problems with crossed eyes. Most symptoms of sinusitis resolve within one or two days of starting treatment. If there is not an improvement in vision or pain, I would get re-evaluated. There are occasionally other things that can cause eye problems and be mistaken for sinusitis such as fungal infection or tumors. Consultation with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist may help determine if there is sinusitis and if it is causing these problems.

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David  Hauswirth, MD David Hauswirth, MD
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Pulmonary, Allergy, Crtitical Care & Sleep
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