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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Pain in the groin area near vagina & sacroili



My mother is complaining of bouts of aching pain (depends on the weather sometimes) in her groin/vagina area which sometimes spreads into her sacroiliac area. She is taking Neurotin which seems to help her sleep through the night, but as soon as she gets up and starts to walk she is very stiff and the pain returns. In fact, she cannot do a stress test for her heart because it causes her so much distress afterwards from the intense walking. Any suggestions?


The pain may be due to degenerative arthritis in the hips and sacroiliac joints. The first step would be to obtain x-rays to assess for degenerative arthritis and proceed pending results. As an aside, a stress test can be obtained without walking a treadmill by performing a pharmacologic stress test such as a Persantine Sestamibi where a drug is used to accelerate the heart rate imitating exercise.

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