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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Arthritis and rheumatic can attack your lung



My mother, she had this cought for about 5 months. Every time she bend down or talk on the phone she started coughing and got short of breath. She went to see her dr and done a few test. She had a MRI they found that she had every where on her joint had arthritis rheumatic and her dr said that her arthritis was attacking one of her lungs. Is that normal or not? My mum has type 2 dibetic and she is 67 year old. Could you please help me? The dr told my mum that she just started so the sooner she can see somebody would be better for her. Is the any medication that she can take to help her? Thank you for taking your time to answer my question.


There are many rheumatic diseases that may cause both joint pain and lung disease. Types of lung involvement may include inflammation of the lining of the lung, nodules in the lung, or damage to the internal lung tissue. Because there are so many possibilities of joint pain associated with lung disease, it would be best that your mother see a pulmonary (lung) and/or rheumatology physician to confirm her physician’s suspicion. It may not be as simple as what she told, that her “arthritis was attacking one of her lungs.”

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