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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Kids

Missing insisors



My nine year old daughter in missing both permanent incisors. Our dentist recommended brace to preserve the gap and then inplants . Is there any alternatives?


Thank you for the question. There are definitely alternatives - some of which are limited by your daughter's age. Definitive prosthodontics (crowns,bridges,implants) are typically not performed until a child is "done" growing, which can be anywhere from 16-22 years of age, depending on the child. The space can be preserved with a removable (or fixed) appliance that has teeth on it for esthetics, and then removed at a later age for definitive treatment, which may include implants, or a fixed "bridge" , or even some type of removable appliance.

They key really is making sure that you and your dentist/dental team are on the "same page" and that your daughters future options not be limited by treatment done at this age. Hope this helps.

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Sarath  Thikkurissy, DDS, MS Sarath Thikkurissy, DDS, MS
Director, Residency Program, Division of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati