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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Does fibromyalgia cause joint pain in the jaw



I was told some 8 months ago I had fibromyalgia. I have various joint pains that don`t seem like what I`ve heard about fibrmyalgia. I awoke one day with my foot so painful it felt like I had a rock inside my foot. Woke up last week and my jaw started hurting.  I thought it was my ear. Now it`s painful and stiff and it`s hard to eat anything that not real soft. My toe is now shifting to the left overlapping my little toe. Sometimes my foot burns and my lower legs feel uneasy like I exercised to much. What is wrong with me? could I have something odd thats unfamiliar to some doctors? I had an x-ray of my foot early on. Nothing seemed to be wrong. I would be so grateful for your expert view. Thank you for your time.


Fibromyalgia can cause patients to experience a significant number of abnormal sensations causing pain and discomfort. This may explain all of your symptoms. However, it is a diagnosis of exclusion so other causes for your symptoms need to be eliminated before attributing it to fibromyalgia. Therefore, you should address your various symptoms with the appropriate health care providers. For example: dentist or oral surgeon for your jaw pain and neurologist for the burning sensation in your foot.

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