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Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects

Research (but not tests) point to MS maybe?



I go through spells or attacks I guess, they always seem to slowly come on with me having not a bad couple of days, but not a great couple of days, then they go away, but when they come back they are worse than ever. It started out with just numbness and tingling a lot. The first major thing that happened was when my leg went paralyzed for a while. By the time i got to the hospital it was better, so the doctors did not take me seriously. After this happened i just had a few days where i was foggy, but it cleared up. then a few years later i began to get new symptoms. I became so tired and exhausted. I lost strength to do normal things. I also began to get shooting and electrical pains down my neck, arms, legs, fingers and toes. Sometimes this would lock my finger and toes in place. The pains were hard to describe and no doctor seemed to care. I was young and they figured it was all in my head. Here is also where i started to get dizzy all the time. it still alternated in attacks. Then about a year or two later is when my leg started twitching enough to make it kick. i went to the hospital they medicated me and sent me home. the next day it was still doing it so they admitted me and ran tests said that i must be depressed. i went to a therapist and was put on Zoloft. But it never seemd right. At the time i knew my stress was making it all worse, but i knew it was not the root. it was convient for them that my attack settled down then. but after a few months another attack came on. so tired again, dizzy, numb, tingly, electrical pains and new symptoms. My vision became blurry and i began loosing strength in my hands. i have no depth perception, i can not judge distanve AT ALL any more, and I am telling you i never used to be like this, i was always so organized and efficent, but now i just lose everything. my legs are so weak that i cant walk a straight line half the time. i am uncoordinated with my hands, trying to grab something i see and it not being where i think it is, like over reaching. i was having trouble concentrating, and even had memory loss. the most recent visit to the hospital was for my left side of body going numb. i asked for a refferal for a new neurologist because the last one blew me off. i have had MRI done but nothing yet. I have many tests and so far nothing. My most recent symptom (Less than 6 months) during one of my attacks is horrible eye pain. But i have found an ER (god forbid when i have to go) that actually liked me and believed me. He did not have this big ego like he was too prideful to say i dont know but there is something. He said that it is just probably to early to make a diagnosis b/c sometimes things are to small to see with our technology and time will tell either will more advanced scans or my problem will become bigger...i guess....ahhhhhhh


I cannot tell you if you have multiple sclerosis (MS), however, some of the problems you describe are ones that are seen in MS. MS can cause many symptoms including fatigue, problems with vision visual disorders, numbness, dizziness/vertigo, bladder and bowel dysfunction, weakness, difficulty moving, tremors, slurred speech , leg stiffness (spasticity), problems with swallowing, chronic aching pain, depression and mild cognitive and memory difficulties.

MS symptoms usually start between 20 and 40 years of age and MS is more common in women than in men. The specific cause of MS is still unknown, but researchers believe that some people may have a genetic predisposition to develop MS. Autoimmune problems have also been suggested to cause MS.

MS is difficult to diagnose, but usually is based on clinical symptoms. Certain findings on MRI may help in making the diagnosis as well.

If you have not talked to your doctor about whether or not your symptoms might be related to MS, I would recommend that you do. If you are interested in research being done for MS, you might want to contact the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. Their website is below.

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