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High Blood Pressure

ECG readings



I am male 42 years old my ECG report shows the following sinus rhythm, rate 67.............normal P axis, rate Ventricular premature complex............Short R-R, aberrant Qrs borderline left atrial abnormality..... P>30Ms, <-10MV V1 ST elev. probable normal. Early repol. pattern ST elevation, age 16-55

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It is difficult to interpret these data without seeing the tracing.  Normally, in lead II, the P wave is less than 0.12 sec in duration and less than 0.103 mV in amplitude.

Normally, the ST segment is flat (isoelectric), but small ST elevations are common (so called "non-specific ST changes").  Early repolarization is a normal variant seen in otherwise healthy younger people.  It consists of mild ST segment elevation most often seen in leads I, II, V4, V5 and V6.  Early repolarization is harmless.

Ventricular premature complexes (VPCs) are common.  In the majority of cases, they are isolated and cause no symptoms.  In the absence of heart disease, VPC's require no treatment.

If you have no clinical heart disease, your ECG is probably normal. However, if you have further questions about your ECG readings, you should speak with your doctor, since he/she knows your case best.

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