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Digestive Disorders

Nightly vomiting



I m a 36 year old female of average height & weight. For the past 2 months I have been awakened by extreme vomiting. Although I have seen no blood or red tint at any time upnon waking I am very weak and drained. At first I assumed it was a result of Acid Reflux or something I had ate or drank but now that it has continued for this long I am concerned it may be serious. Do you have any information or suggestions for me?


Sorry to take so long to get back to you.

I am sorry to hear about your recent problems.

Clearly, you should be seen by a gastroenterologist. They might want to place a lighted scope into your stomach to look around. This procedure is called an EGD, or also goes by the name of an endoscopy. This is the best way for doctors to look inside your stomach.

Your doctors may also decide to give you a trial of acid reflux medicine. There are many of these types of medicines, Nexium, Zantac, Pepcid, etc. I am sure that you have seen these on tv.

If the EGD is normal, perhaps an ultrasound of the abdomen would be indicated, to make sure that your gallbladder is OK.

If I were a betting person, with common things being common, I would look into your stomach. Acid reflux, gastritis, even an ulcer, are possibilities. The most important thing is to see a trained gastroenterologist, she/he would have the training and experience to help find out what the issue is.

Good luck.

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Steven  M Rudich, MD, PhD, FACS Steven M Rudich, MD, PhD, FACS
Professor of Surgery, Director of Liver Transplat and Hepatobiliary Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati