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Face and Jaw Surgery

Split lip



I got my lip split open and a tooth nearly knocked out, most of it did get knocked out. It is huge. How do I fix this and how long do I have until it heals. I did go to the ER and got stitches 4 on the outside and 3 on the inside. I need to know ASAP. Thank you very much.


Your descriptions suggest a tooth root fracture. From the history you have presented, the treatment depends upon various factors, i.e., extent of tooth root remaining in the socket, the status of the bone housing the tooth. I cannot dictate treatment without examination or radiographs. 

If you have to lose the tooth, dental implants would be the best option and the best thing we have for the replacement of single teeth. Your dentist or oral surgeon may inform you further. I recommend you see your dentist within a week or two so he can direct the appropriate care. 

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Likith V Reddy, MD, DDS, FACS Likith V Reddy, MD, DDS, FACS
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati