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High Blood Pressure

Duration of frequency



I am in my late 70`s and I have been taking HCTZ 25 mg.with breakfast since April 2006.

Q. 1) How many hours later is the greatest impact on urination?

2) Should the frequency 0f urination stop after 3 weeks on HCTZ? I read that it should under side efects of HCTZ on medlineplus.org.

I still urinate frequenly,sometimes every 1/2 hour, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening, but not too much in the morning. I do not have Diabetes.

Your comments please. Thank you.


Diuretics like HCTZ cause an increase in urine output for a few days, but the urine volume will go back to normal after that.

In your case, it is much more likely that the increase in urinary frequency could be due to a bladder problem.  If you are male, the most common cause would be an enlarged prostate.  In women, the cause is often a weakness of the muscles in the base of the bladder. If you are concerned about your increase in urinary frequency, you should speak to your physician.

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
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