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Skin Care and Diseases

Atypical junctional nevus



What is atypical junctional nevus? My bf was just diagnosed as having it on his chest and wed like some info on it if possible....Thanks


The definition varies depends on who is evaluating the biopsy/pathology specimen. The term is often used to describe either architectural or cell atypia within a mole. Architectural atypia (abnormal shape and structure of the mole under the microscope) alone is rarely concerning. However cytologic (cell) atypia, in which the cells have abnormal features within a mole, is of more concern and the lesion may require re-evaluation. For some patients, an atypical junctional nevus may just be a genetic marker of abnormal moles and a higher predisposition for melanoma elsewhere. For others, depending on the pathologist’s final reading, it may be a precancerous mole. You need to follow-up with your board certified dermatologist to get an idea of what the significance of this report is for your boyfriend.

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