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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Rashes lasting less than an hour



Can arthritis cause rashes on my chest that I get once a day, (in the evenings) that last less than an hour? I feel sick too. When I get the rashes, sometimes my temperature goes up a little-to 99. These rashes are small, blotchy and look like prickley heat. And they ITCH also. My PCP said it sounded like an autoimmune reaction, but she never saw the rashes because I did not have them at my appointments. She took tests for ANA and RF and the tests were normal. Does this sound like an autoimmune rash, that could be related to arthritis?


It may be worthwhile to seek an evaluation for urticaria (hives). Although rheumatic conditions have been uncommonly associated with urticaria, it is usually in the setting of atypical urticaria. If this rash that you describe is found to be hives, the short-lived nature of the rash is typical for urticaria and, therefore, rheumatic conditions as a source would be less likely.

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