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Are there alternatives to versed



My doctors have been pressuring me for several years to have a colonoscopy, but I don`t want any anesthetic that will induce amnesia. My doctors (and all of the media reports) keep insisting that "you won`t feel a thing". If that`s true, why do they insist on blocking out my memory? What is it they don`t want me to remember? I was the "designated Driver" for a friend`s colonoscopy, and while sitting in recovery at the outpatient gastroenterology center, heard a woman screaming in agony from the direction of the procedure rooms. When I asked the nurse what was going on, she laughed and said "Don`t worry, she won`t remember a thing". The thought of being that woman in pain horrifies me more than the thought of cancer. I have no symptoms, this is a screening colonoscopy, and I can`t convince myself that it`s worth the agony. Do I have any other choices?


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