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Senior Health

Losing memories



I am 83 and working on a book of my memoriors for my family. If I have hip surgery this month, I am afraid of losing family memories which will impair my finishing the book. what are you thoughts


There is research evidence that suggests older adults may experience some memory loss following surgery. The extent of memory loss varies and it is unclear as to whether memories will return after time goes by.  Like everything else in aging, it is our own unique experience. It would be advisable to discuss this concern with your primary care provider, surgeon, and the anesthesiologist prior to surgery. It is doubtful that anyone can accurately predict what you will experience regarding memory loss but discussions with your health care providers are warranted to gain additional information about your concern prior to surgery.

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Evelyn L Fitzwater, DSN, RN Evelyn L Fitzwater, DSN, RN
Associate Professor Emerita
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