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Mucus,bacteria and squamous cells found in ua



I had a u/a and they found mucus, bacteria and squamous cells in my urine. What does this mean? I also have very bad periods with heavy clotting and have had a mucus discharge before, and I had to get a leep 8 yrs ago. They had said that the (dysplasia?) cells had went into the tissue which is considered cancer. I`m just wondering if all this means the cancer is back?


It is difficult to say what the changes in your urine sample mean, but most commonly they are signs of a simple bladder infection. I advise that you see your gynecologist with any questions about your periods and dysplastic changes of your cervix. Only a physical examination by your doctor can answer your questions. Please ask the doctor who ordered your urinalysis about what the results mean.

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Joanna M Brell, MD Joanna M Brell, MD
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