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Parkinson's Disease

Right arm shakes while yawning?!



Any thoughts on why this happens?


There really is not much information provided here to appropriately answer this question.  However, in general, extremity shaking with yawning is not uncommon and may be related to physiological tremor that occurs naturally.  Benign essential tremor is another condition that may increase the chance of limb tremor at this time. 

Additionally, in my experience, it is reported fairly often by persons with Parkinson's disease.  Other stimuli for bringing out or worsening limb tremor in PD include: being cold, excitment, nervousness, stress or trying to hurry (feeling rushed).  Thorough evaluation for any other signs of disease, such as PD should be completed by a neurologist.

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Karen M Thomas, DO Karen M Thomas, DO
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University