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Treatment Options for Seasonal Asthma



Iam a 22 year old female suffering from breathing problems for a little longer than the last two months. Whenever the season changes or I get exposed to dust,smoke etc., I have a problem. It starts with sneezing and cahanges into a breathing problem. I got this disorder from my maternal side. Earlier I used to take Deriphylin Plain and get cured within 2-3 days. But this time situation has become worse. I have started taking Rota inhaler(Seroflo 250) twice a day. Will it help? I have nevertaken a spray in my life. Should I take them? If yes,then which one? What other prevention should I take and what kind of breathing exercises should I do? I want to cure this disease as early as possible.I am a student of M.Tech.I am slim.Please help.


Many people with asthma also suffer from allergies. Appropriate treatment for allergies is vital for optimal asthma treatment. Some people may need different asthma medications during their bad allergy seasons. For people with allergies and possibly asthma a visit with an asthma specialist is likely a good idea to make sure the diagnosis is correct and the patient is on the best medicine.

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