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Breast Cancer

Abnormal mammogram



I am a 41 year old woman who has had her first mammogram done on 11/08/07. The results are as follows: There is a nodule identified within the inner half of the right breast the appearance suggests localization at the 3 o`clock position. This is well circumscribed. There are no associated microcalcifications. I am scheduled for an ultrasound friday, 11/14/07. Can you tell me what this might mean???


This means that you probably have a mass in your right breast which is most likely NOT cancer.  To understand the location, turn your breast into the face of a clock.  Straight up would be 12 o'clock and straight down would be 6 o'clock.  This nodule is at 3 o'clock so it is somewhere in the inner part of your breast.  Well circumscribed masses are usually either benign fluid-filled cysts or benign solid fibroadenomas.  The ultrasound will be able to determine this.  Occasionally, however, the ultrasound doesn't find any masses indicating that the mammogram finding was likely an artifact. 

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Jean T Stevenson, MD, FACS Jean T Stevenson, MD, FACS
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