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Nerve block for laser treatment of prostate



I`m, only 52, but I have BPH which has not responded to Avodart and Flomax...these worked for a year then I`m back to my usual up 5-6 times per night. I saw a urologist who said that I was a good candidate for PVP green light laser treatment......I would love to do it, but my concern is the anesthesia.......the video that I saw said "pudental" block or something like that plus painkillers; I just don`t want any "sedation" due to a previous bad experience with so called "conscious sedation".....is this reasonable? Any info will be geratly appreciated. Thanks


It is possible to have prostate surgery with a local anesthetic block. Needles can be inserted via the lower abdomen (suprapubic area) and/or the perineum to reach the neurovascular bundle that supplies the prostate, or the pudendal nerve.

I am not certain how effective this block is. It is not a block performed routinely by anaesthesiologists.

Prostate surgery is usually done with either spinal or general anesthesia, not the technique you mention. Perhaps your surgeon has a lot of experience with this technique. He would then be able to tell you how complete the anesthesia is, and how much discomfort you might expect. This in turn would affect how much, and what kind of sedation or pain-killing medication you would need in addition to the block.

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