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Exercise and Fitness

Achilles tendon toes raises



Hello it has been also 6 months since i had achilles tendon surgery. I have good strength back in my achilles tendon. But i still can`t do a single foot toe raise. I play football and i`m trying to get back on the field by January please give me some tips.


Sounds like you have good strength and poor flexibility in your ankle.  My suggestion is that you focus on restoring your flexibility in the ankle/achilles tendon.  One stretch that can be accomplished anywhere is the wall straight leg calf stretch.  Place both hands on wall with arms extended. Lean against wall with one leg bent forward and the other leg extended back with knee straight and foot positioned directly forward.  Next, push your rear heel to floor and move your hips slightly forward. Hold stretch (15-30 seconds) . Repeat 2-4 times, alternating legs.

In the meantime, stay away from any further strengthening exercises until your flexibility is restored.

Hope this helps.

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Jayme   Johnson, MS Jayme Johnson, MS
Program Manager
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
University of Cincinnati