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Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

One dilated eye



Recently my mother was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with pnemonia which spread to both lungs by the forth day. In the beginning they thought she had a blood clot in one by ruled it out. she has always had problems with blood clots in her legs but nothing serious.

So on the 4th day she gets released because they gave her a stress test do to her blood pressure plumitting to 60/40 then skyrocketing to 150/82. Well when they went to give her the stress test the doctor noticed her right eye was dilated and the left wasn`t. They still released her, but scheduled for a MRI.

My question is what would the reason be for one dilated eye and why would they release her because could there be a possible chance of a blood clot?


There are few causes for the dilated pupil. The cause can be serious or benign. Hence, I recommend evaluation by both an ophthalmologist and a neurologist sooner than later to determine the etiology of the dilated pupil.

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