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Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension



I lost sight in one of my eyes for a few days so they did some tests to rule out a mini stroke. I had a Echo and an ultrasound on my neck. The Echo showed that my heart is inlarged a bit and I have mild to moderate Pulmonary Hypertension. I also have high blood pressure that they now beleive is from the Pulmonary Hypertension. But I have no symptoms at all. I am only 34 years old. I don`t know mcu about this problem. Will I get symptoms? Does every one who gets this eventualy need a lung transplant. How common is this for a 34 year old women to have this I am also concern because I have an identical tiwn sister, what is the likelyhood that she will have this too?


The echocardiogram is a screening test for pulmonary hypertension and it can be wrong. To confirm the diagnosis, you will need a right heart catheterization. The fact that you had a mini stroke at 34 is worrisome that you may have hole in your heart which can also lead to pulmonary hypertension. There is treatment for pulmonary hypertension now and very few patients need lung transplants.

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Namita   Sood, MD, FCCP Namita Sood, MD, FCCP
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