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Breast Cancer

1 dimple at the 12 oclock positon (on areola)



I have a dimple in the right breast at the top of the areola at 12 oclock postion x 2wks. I just had a baseline mamo, u/s and mri of the the right breast for the first time just this past August. I have 3 cysts that they said are ok, one is 7mm so thats why they did the mri. They recommend going back in 6 months to make sure there are no changes, however I noticed this dimple 2 weeks ago with a tingling sensation in the areola and was wondering if I should see my doctor sooner. Should I be concerned about the dimple? I have no discharge, bleeding, or scaliness. The nipple is sensative to the touch though. Being that I just had all these tests done,should this be of a concern? I had a friend of mine do an u/s 1 week ago ( off the record) at the hosp I work at and she said there are no changes to the cysts in size in the last 4 months and the areola looks ok. I am 35year old with no family h/o of breast cancer.Just a little worried.. Please help, thanks...


You have had every imaging test that one can do. Have you had an exam with an MD experienced in breast disease? If not, and if there is a change in the appearance of your breast, you should see a breast surgeon. That person would be able to either reassure you or recommend biopsy of the abnormal area. If you have already seen a physician, and he/she felt the area of the dimple was ok, then the repeat tests in 6 months seems a safe plan. However, if the breast continues to change, go back sooner.

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