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Mental Health

Childhood OCD



I beleive my daughter might have OCD,she has to write sentences 1000 times. If she makes a mistake she is to redo the page 2x, if she does it again then she has to redo 4 x and so on. She is also scared, crying for me to help her when I have my visits with her. She tells me "why is daddy hurting you?" and wants me to help her, but she will not tell me whats wrong. She was grounded not to long ago, 1 hr before I picked her up for a visit. She could not play on cell phones, computers, watch tv, or even play with other kids in the house while she was with me on that weekend. Talking to her she clams up and starts to shiver especially when asking about whats going on at her house. They say she is pulling and playing with her permanent teeth to make them come loose. When she brings home a bad note from school her father makes her do push-ups from 5 to 15 min. She can rember something she told me 2 yrs ago but when the local authorties got involved they said it was a lie, but she can still tell the same story 2 yrs later but now says it was a dream...

can you please tell me if my daughter is bing abused...i am the non custody mom and very concerned.?


Your daughter has obsessive-compulsive symptoms and apparently is impaired by her anxiety problem. I cannot address your primary concern, but would urge you to seek and obtain an evaluation from a mental health professional for her manifest anxiety problems.

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Floyd R Sallee, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati