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What To Do For Chemo Treatment Problems



Hi, I was wondering what would happen if an IV for chemo was given and the nurse missed the vein, what would happen? Thank you for your time.


Before a nurse will use an IV to administer anything he/she makes sure that the IV has a positive blood return and that it properly flushes-when doing this, he/she monitors for any pain or discomfort that the patient may experience and also assess for any swelling around the IV site. If there are any issues with the IV, a new site would be started. If during an infusion a problem occurred with the IV and any medication infiltrated (leaked outside of the vein) into the surrounding tissue, the protocol to be followed would depend on the medication that was given and the facility. Any problems/discomfort should be immediately reported to your nurse so that it could be assessed and corrected.

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Heather  Hines, RN Heather Hines, RN
Medical Oncology Nurse
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University

Panayiotis  Savvides, MD Panayiotis Savvides, MD
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Case Western Reserve University