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Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria



From New Zealand (Pop. 3 million) and what I got is not common. Have been told it`s CIU but after reading feedback on your site, I`m starting to think not. You fellas in the USA seem to know a thing or two, so thought you could point me in the right direction. Have had this condition for around 20 years, since early teens. Symtoms are usually on one side of body, never centrally and are usually in one site, I avoid taking medicene unless really bad cause us Kiwi`s are hard. All swellings are red, throbbing and unusally large. Very much like a black eye feeling but much itchier and more painful. Eyelids and lips swell to 2-3 times normal size, feet and fingers double, when on torso in patches, when on arms whole bicep area as example. Is this angiodema? As I`m in small country can you put me onto someone who may of had similar patients before. Have stumbled onto Ketotifen, seems to work but it knocks me around. Hope you can help me. Kind regards.


You have both chronic urticaria and angiodema. However, these conditions should be investigated to rule out possible causes. You might consult either Dr. Vincent Crump in Auckland or Dr. Richard W. Beaseley in Wellington.

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