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I have recently been diagnos with Hemochromatosis, my Dr. said it will be with for life and I need a "life change" to deal with the high Iron counts. My count was in the high 400`s from blood work I recently had,he gave me a Genetics test after that and it came back possitive.He said everything else was fine, but I needed to change my diet and keep my iron count down and come see him every six monthes. Is this a normal response from a good Dr.? I also tried to find a diet with no iron in it and counlnt find a book on the subject.I want to start my new diet but "EVERYTHING" has iron in it! what can I do? I know to stay away from green vegies and red meat,fish lamb and pork, wheat, and most other things that can be good for you,so what can I eat?? Adding a planned diet for people with this decease would be great!!


You may want to seek a second opinion if you are not satisfied with what you are being told by your current health care provider. If you live close to Columbus, Ohio, we would be happy to offer you consultation at our hematology clinic. You may contact Daphne Lockett at 614-293-9441.

As for diet information, please check out the Iron Disorders website at www.irondisorders.org.  Direct links to 2 articles from this site are provided below. 

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