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Low hemaglobin but high saturated iron levels



I have been anemic since the middle of my pregnancy. My hemaglobin hasn`t been higher than 8.3 since I gave birth in August. I have had cronic bleeding and pain in my pelvic region, which is so bad I can`t stand for longer than 5-10min., since I gave birth. Now the doctor says that my saturated iron levels and feratin(?) levels are high. My doctor can`t seem to find the cause of my pain or the reasons for my blood levels to be so off. Can you think of reasons for any of this that my doctor may be missing? Thank you for your help.


I certainly don't pretend to be an OB/GYN doctor.  I suspect from what you are saying that your iron levels are looking a little strange because of inflammation related to whatever is causing your pain.  Hemachromatosis per se really wouldn't present this way and wouldn't present with bleeding per se.

So I think the problem is related somehow to your pregnancy or something OB/GYN, for which you might need a second opinion.  This, however, has nothing to do with hemachromatosis.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
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