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Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects

Chromosomes 1 and 22



I am seeking information on balanced translocated chromosomes 1 and 22. Specifically possible diseases. I understand that there are variables as to the amount of material translocated as well as the location of the translocation but in general, I need info on Chromosomes 1 and 22. Thank you.


There are almost 2,800 genes on chromosome 1 and 742 genes on chromosome 22 that have been identified which code for hundreds of different proteins and have hundreds of different functions.

The specific types of problems or diseases would depend on what genetic material was lost or duplicated in the chromosomes that are translocated and what specific genes are located at these sites. If there is a translocation between chromosomes 1 and 22 - then hundreds of genes may be involved. You need to know exactly what parts of chromosome 1 and 22 are involved in order to make some predictions as to what types of problems to expect.

There is a government database called Human Genome Resources, the website is listed below, that if you click on the chromosome number in the left column it will take you to a resource call NCBI Map Viewer. All of the genes currently know for each chromosome is listed. Unfortunately, it is very technical.

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