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Skin Care and Diseases

Cracked/splitting lip



Hello. For the last two weeks or so I have had what seems to be cracked and or splitting bottom lip. Ive been treating it with Lip Medex by Blistex and recently a combination of lemon juice followed by the Lip Medex. So far nothing has really worked. It hasnt worsened nor greatly improved. Recently I was in Aruba for 10 days then came back to cold weather in NY. I also caught a stomach virus. From the research Ive done on the internet hot and cold weather can cause problems and dehydration from the stomach virus could cause problems. What can I do to heal my lip? Need help. Thankyou for your help and especially your time.


By the time you receive this reply, I am hoping your lip has healed.

The best treatments for lip cracking and splitting, if due to temporary irritation and drying, are to keep them moist with white petrolatum (ie. Vaseline) or similar products applied continuously until the lips heal. Blistex, Carmax, and Dr. John's are some other brand names that may work well.

If continuous application, sometimes required every 1-2 hours, isn't helping or is worsening the situation, then you must seek a board certified dermatologist for further evaluation. Sometimes allergic reactions to things applied to the lips, infections, recurrent lip licking or other conditions can cause lip cracking.

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