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Pulmonary Hypertension

PAH diagnosed with exercise



Recently diagnosed with PAH upon exercise after a right heart cath. Upon dr talking with me after procedure, he said it was 34mmHg. Later in a report to my primary doctor he stated it was 32mmHg. I am concerned because I am wondering does this make a difference in some way? For example, at 34mmHg the doctor may make a decision to treat, whereas with 32mmHg the decision may be made not to treat. I am new to PAH, and just want to understand more the ramifications of these 2 different numbers. If it means nothing then I won`t bring it up to the doctor and look like an idiot.


Thank you for your question.

The diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension with exercise is currently made when the mean pulmonary artery pressure exceeds 30 mmHg. Either of the values (32 or 34) would represent a mild elevation in the mean pressure. Additionally, a difference of 2 mmHg between the readings is not significant and a treatment decision should not be affected by this small difference.

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