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Oral Cancer

Could a Lump on the Top of the Tongue be Related to Post Pregnancy?



I have a fairly large lump on the top of my tongue on the left side (size of a lima bean) that is protruding from my tongue. I`ve had it for about 2 months now. It is only attached by a small amount, while the rest of it is up in the air and not attached to my tongue. The edge not attached is starting to turn white, but for the most part, the lump has been pink (same color as my tongue). I had a baby two weeks ago, and the doctor thought it might be pregnancy related. It definitely isn`t getting any smaller. When I search for lump/bump on the tongue, everything that comes up says `cancer`. Is there anything else it could be? I have an appointment with an ENT in a couple weeks, but its starting to scare me with all the `cancer` talk I`ve been reading.


Its hard to say anything about the nature of this mass before the biopsy results. I think the ENT doctor that you will see is going to clarify the issue by examining and possibly biopsing this.

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Enver  Ozer, MD Enver Ozer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University