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Colon Cancer

I`m 17, and I think I have colon cancer.



About 3 or 4 months ago I start eating pancake after pancake on a daily basis, and everytime I passed a stool, I found blood in the toliet and in the tissue after I wiped. So I stopped eating pancakes altogether and the blood in my stool also stopped. At this moment and time, I wouldn`t say I eat healthy but I don`t eat pancakes any more but the blood in my stool came back and now it`s a lot worse. It hurts SO BAD coming out and I have to strain and there is a lot more blood, I even found tiny blood clots on the tissue when I wipe. I`m 17 yrs old and im scared I might have colon cancer.. Do I?


Colon cancer in a 17 year old without other risk factors like a family history of colon cancer would be extremely rare. Most likely the bleeding is coming from hemorrhoids or a tear. However, you should definitely see a physician to be evaluated.

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Gregory S Cooper, MD Gregory S Cooper, MD
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Case Western Reserve University