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Breast Cancer

Lump with borders



I have very dense breast and have had cysts in the past. When I went for my yearly check up the doctor ordered a mammogram with ultrasound on both breast. The two lumps I knew I had don`t seem to be a concern. The technician however found a third lump. It is .9 cm and positioned very far to the side under my arm. The Radiologist said it had borders and should be biopsied. What exactly are borders? I am waiting for the biopsy to be scheduled. Thanks for your input.


"Border" just means "edges", as one would expect. So just having borders is not concerning. However, possibly the radiologist might have meant, or said, "indistinct borders" or something to that effect, which sometimes suggests a tumor or mass that should be biopsied. In any event, most findings that require biopsy are found to be benign, but should still be pursued, to make sure. Please follow-up, as suggested. MRI scan is now being used for some women with very dense breasts as part of a screening program and to investigate findings like yours. Please ask your doctor about this-- either the radiologist, your primary physician or a breast surgeon in your community.

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