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Continuence of bleeding and severe weakness



If a leg amputee has already had two surgery`s with partial removal and facing the third is this normal with severe weakness and organ shut-down.What are the chances of survival?The third being above the knee amputation.Does this person need to be taken to a more knowledgeable facility?


All this depends on the underlying co-morbidities of the patients. Actually, most amputations are done in patients who have other significant problems such as diabetes and vascular disease. As a result, severe complications are not uncommon. These patients are usually disabled patients who have very little physical reserve and every operation makes them weaker and weaker.

Because of poor blood supply, about 15% of lower leg operations need to be revised to a higher level. In cases where there is organ shutdown, the survival rate is significantly decreased.

Without knowing specifics of the case, it is impossible to give survival rates, but with each complication the rate goes down. Most hospitals have the expertise to handle these kinds of problems.

Some issues, such as these, are challenging regardless of the hospital you are in or who is taking care of the patient.

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Blair  Vermilion, MD Blair Vermilion, MD
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College of Medicine
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