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What is considered the low range and high range in a diabetic person. I am 72 years old and prior to eating breakfast my blood sugar was 130. Is this okay for me if I am a diabetic?


For someone with diabetes, the blood glucose target is 90-130 mg/dl (some medical organizations vary slightly). Glucose control is a reflection of both the premeal or fasting glucose and the postmeal glucose or postprandial glucose. It is a combination of the total glucoses over 24 hours that is important and necessary to not only control the glucose levels, but also to maximize and individualize a patients therapy. In addition, control is desirable, yet the tightness of control must be balanced against a patient's safety to avoid severe hypoglycemia.

So, if your blood sugars are lower than 130 the rest of the day, waking up in the 130 range is probably fine; we wouldn't want to risk you having hypoglycemia the rest of the day. However, if your blood sugars are over 150 the rest of the day, your doctor may want to make an adjustment to your therapy. You may also want to consider what you are eating before bed as this could lead to a higher blood glucose number in the morning. Aim for a snack of no more than 15g of carbohydrate.

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