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Stroke Risk - Brain MRI



A recent Brain MRI says there is no Chiari malformation. The diffusion sequence is negative for infarct. I am a 72 yr old female Ventricular size is wthin normal limits for age. Supratentorial brain demonstrates a minimal degree of age appropriate periventricular hyperintense signal on the long TR images consistent with mild periventricular leukoareosis. There is a focal white matter lesion in the right frontal periventricular white matter, that demonstrates no evidence of enhancement and is most suggestive of chronic infarct. No evidence of hemorhage, mass, shit, herniation. Impression: Minimal age-appropriate small vessel ischemic change with focal signal abnormality most suggestive of chronic lacunar infarct right frontal periventricular white matter. What does this mean? Am I at risk for a stroke? Have I had a silent one?


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