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Unknown allergic reaction



I have never been allergic to any substance. Christmas Eve I ate two mushrooms (purchased at grocery store). I had stuffed them with breadcrumbs and stems. Christmas Day I ate two more. I began to feel lumps in the roof of my mouth and I have a large blister at the corner of my mouth. The right side of my mouth is also slightly swollen. I thought I had cankas but I have never seen one that looks like a blister. I have never before eaten stuffed mushrooms. I am a senior citizen.


It is not possible to tell whether this was an allergic reaction or a coincidental canker sore (aphthous ulcer). I would advise that you not eat stuffed mushrooms in the future. If this reaction should happen again, you should consult your personal physician.

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I Leonard Bernstein, MD I Leonard Bernstein, MD
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