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Samter's Triad Syndrome



Today, at age 46 a doctor just diagnosed me with Samter's Triad Syndrome. I have never heard of it. I have had nasal polyps, removed several times in my life, asthma, which I thought I had outgrown, and an allergy to Aspirin. All of these symptoms have occurred over time. No one has ever put them together. Do I now need to have inhalers? What is my future treatment? I have lived with these symptoms, and have possibly been ignorant of treatment.


The main issue for patient's with Samter Triad Syndrome is awareness of the diagnosis. This is very important in terms of avoiding all products that contain aspirin. Otherwise there is no unique or specific treatment other then regular follow-up with an ENT physician regarding the nasal polyps. All patients with Samter Triad should see their asthma care provider for evaluation of need for therapy for their asthma which is primarily based on symptoms and lung function testing.

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John G Mastronarde, MD John G Mastronarde, MD
Clinical Professor of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University