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Anxiety and Stress Disorders




At my last job I was harassed by a co-worker and management because I reported a work related injury and was shortly fired after that for "other" reasons. Now I am again working a a very physical job and frea out if I get even a splinter. I am afraid to talk to management HR or my co-workers about any health related issue and I have had 2 surgeries in the past two years which had made for an extremely stressful couple years. I have gotten better if it isn`t work related but I still freak out over work realated stuff.


This sounds like a very appropriate situation for you to get some counseling regarding stress management and communication skills.  If you work for a large enough company, those may be offered through your employer's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which would be confidential from your employer.  If you don't, or you live elsewhere, you may need to seek some private counseling or therapy. 

A counselor would work with you to determine some of the underlying anxieties you are facing, and also help you learn some coping and communication skills.  I would hesitate to suggest a diagnosis of something like PTSD, but you should definitely consider an evaluation for this if you do not notice some improvement with a few sessions of stress management and communication.

Good Luck.

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