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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Specialists in Cincinnati



Im an adult diagnosed with ADHD by my primary care physician. He prescribed me Adderall. It was a huge battle with my insurance company to get them to cover part of it b/c I am over the age of 18. My insurance company agreed to cover it for a year but after that they want an rx from a specialist (not a primary care doc). Are there any ADD specialists around the Cincy area? When I do a search, I don`t come up with anything. Is there any ADD/ADHD center around cincinnati? Please advise. Thanks!


Thank you for writing.

There are many clinicians in Cincinnati who consider themselves ADHD specialists. When looking for a specialist it is important to find someone who understands ADHD in adults, who is comfortable with and has a working knowledge of the medications which are used to treat ADHD in adults, and who understands lifestyle issues such as sleep, diet, exercise and daily structure that impacts successful management of ADHD symptoms. I used to work at The Affinity Center, a center that specializes in the assessment and treatment of ADHD and related disorders in adults as well as children and am familiar with their comprehensive approach. They are located in the Montgomery area. However, they do not take insurance and are private pay. Both Cincinnati Children's Hospital and University Hospital psychiatry have physicians who they can recommend. You can also try the Academy of Medicine for a referral. Finally, CHADD, a community support network for children and adults with ADHD has an active local chapter. You can attend a local meeting or contact them on-line regarding local health care providers for ADHD.

I wish you the best in your pursuit.

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Anita Dempsey, MSN, APRN, BC, PhD (c)
Visiting Instructor
College of Nursing
University of Cincinnati