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I need to know if sulfate can give a allergic reaction, every time I am drinking a Savanah Dry my face,ears are swelling up and is very red and itchy? If it is so in what type of products is sulfate being used in? Thank you


Sulfates themselves are chemical side chains in a number of drugs; these is still controversy as to whether patients with a sulfonamide (a sulfur antibiotic) allergy are susceptible to cross reactions with other sulfur side chain containing drugs.  With respect to the Savannah Dry, there is not much scientific evidence to indicate that the sulfate groups cause "allergic reactions".  That being said, you should see a qualified allergist/immunologist who can get a more thorough history, evaluate the ingredients more carefully in Savannah Dry and determine if the reaction you are experiencing is due to sulfate, some other component of the drink or something entirely else.  In the meantime, avoid Savannah Dry.

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Jonathan   Bernstein, MD Jonathan Bernstein, MD
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