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Arthritis and Rheumatism

What Could Cause Numbness in the Finger?



I have rheumatiod arthritis and it is not controled, still very active. The past week when my hands get cold at all and I touch a spot on my little finger I get shooting pins and needles going up my finger. Like I got a shock. The spot is on my little finger left hand palm side nest to the second knuckle. I thought that it might be Raynaud`s phenomenon but they don`t turn blue or white. It does not cause any more pain then my RA already does. I will see my Rheumatologist next week. Can you give me some ideas what this could be?


I agree that given absence of color changes in the skin it's less likely to be Raynaud's but due to association with cold temperature it's still a possibility with the vasospasm component possibly not severe enough to cause a color change but enough to lead to pain. Also need to consider possibility of neuropathy due to nerve compression from active RA.

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