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Pulmonary Hypertension

Possible pulmonary hypertension at age 43



Hi, A week ago i had a echo just to check on some minor heart problem I was having. Skipping beats ect. I use to have MVP but they didnt see any of that. When I called to get results they did see a slight regurgitation and some pulmonary hypertension. Dont you think If it was serious or something other than a slight case they would have called me to come in sooner instead of waiting 3 more weeks until my app. or could the result be wrong altogether? I dont know whether to be worried or not. Please give me your opinion.


Thank you for your question. Based on the information that you've provided, it seems that you have some mild changes on your echocardiogram. Without knowing the rest of your history it is hard to know how much urgency the situation warrants; however, the reportedly mild changes are a little reassuring. Based on these results, you may need some more testing in the future or at least some continued close observation. The results are not likely "wrong" but the severity estimation, i.e. mild, moderate, or severe is purely an estimation and should be taken as such. Sometimes, we have patients who ultimately have findings that are more or less severe after further testing.

I hope that this helps. Please feel free to write again with more information as it is available to you.

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Douglas W Haden, MD Douglas W Haden, MD
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