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Calcium deposits and cancer



A few years back I was told I had a small calcium deposit on my right lung but not to worry about it and follow up exrays have showed no change. Then recently in a mamograpy they discovered a mass and calcium deposits in my right breast and I have to go have a biopsy performed in a couple weeks. I want to know if this may be related to the lung deposit and if is indicative of cancer as I am very worried and no one is offering much advice or information.


The calcium deposit in the lung would not be related to the deposits in the breast, and, as you were told, the lung finding would not be worrisome. However, a mass with calcium deposits in the breast would be concerning and biopsy should be performed to check for cancer. Some breast tumors can deposit calcium in the milk ducts, but not all calcium deposits or masses definitely indicate cancer. But please have it biopsied, as suggested.

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Paula  Silverman, MD Paula Silverman, MD
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