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Athletic Training

Groin pull



I have had some tears in my groin areas. I build calcium real easy. Alot of calsium has been built there where the injuries have been in my groin. When i stretch it doesnt seem like i am getting any more flexible and it feels like with all the calcium there that it stays sore all the time when i stretch. Would it be better to not stretch since i have the calsium build up.


First, have you been formally diagnosed with calcium deposits or a condition called myositis ossificans by a health care professional? If you have not seen a health care professional for your groin tears, I would suggest doing so. If you have been diagnosed by a health care professional, you may consider following-up with them. Finally, if you have just been relying on stretching and only wish to continue to try to improve your flexibility, here are a few tips:

Flexibility takes dedication. In order to make significant flexibility gains, you must stretch 3-5 times for 20-30 seconds. You must complete 3-5 sessions of stretching each day for 4-6 weeks. Also, stretching should not be painful! When you stretch, it should be, at most, slightly uncomfortable. As always, if you are not feeling better or get worse, you should seek out a health care professional at once.

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Mary  Laingen, MS, ATC Mary Laingen, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
The Ohio State University